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Graphic Design

For me graphic design is an umbrella term that covers all manner of visual products, both electronic and physical. My first forays into the field were designing graphics for web sites but now this aspect of my work is far more wide-reaching and includes:

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Web advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Fliers
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • T-shirts and other apparel
  • Promotional videos
  • Audio / Visual presentations

Design Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud is a key component in all of my work. For graphic design my favourite applications are Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

I also use Microsoft Powerpoint to create audio / visual presentations for clients who require something more slick and impactful than a set of slides covered in text.


Twiga Logo


There's nothing more important than your own branding. Here's the thinking behind the design of my logo:

  • Since Twiga means giraffe the logo has to incorporate my favourite wild quadruped
  • The design of the giraffe is based on an origami model – origami is a blend of the abstract and the logical which reflects the approach that I take to everything I do
  • Giraffes live in Africa, when I think of Africa I think of warmth, so the logo uses four shades of orange (which also happens to be my favourite colour)
  • The triangles surrounding the giraffe are based on the aperture blades of a camera since photography is my first love
  • There are seven triangles because my favourite lens has seven aperture blades, seven is the perfect number and the heptagon the triangles create provides a flat surface for the giraffe to stand on and a point for its head to fit into
Coffee On The Way Logo

Coffee On The Way

Coffee On The Way is a local pop-up coffee shop. The logo is a coffee bean with the split in the bean representing “The Way”. There are two versions of the logo, one has a solid background in deep purple and the other has an image of the crema on a freshly made cup of coffee.

Core Church Logo

Core Church

Core Church is a modern fellowship that combines traditional Christian values with a contemporary style.

The logo I produced for Core Church is based on the globally recognised copyright symbol (©). The notion behind it is that every individual is uniquely created by God and he therefore holds the copyright on their design. I placed the letter ‘O’ in the centre of the logo to create a series of concentric circles that tie in with the church's mission statement – “Putting God at the heart of everything”

The logo is used on the church web site, Powerpoint, all print media, vehicle graphics and clothing.

Anne Westwood Consulting Logo

Anne Westwood Consulting

This logo was designed for a client who was setting up a consultancy to provide expert advice and support in the planning and consenting of marine projects.

The client had an idea for a logo with a single curving stroke that looked like the letter “A”. I realised that with three strokes I could extend her idea to make “AW” and that I could create the effect of a rolling wave, reflecting the nature of her work.

Bible Storyteller Logo

Bible Storyteller

This logo was designed for an app being released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The logo would naturally become the app icon and since the icon needs to convey the purpose of the app, the obvious design was a person reading from a Bible. One difficulty with app icons is that they need to be clear even when displayed at small sizes. I got round this issue by using simple geometric shapes – a circle for the head, triangles for hands and an arrow for the book. Adding a cross to the book instantly turned it into a Bible. I added the light rays spilling out in the background to give the image a little depth.